The Company

Marius HilckmannWith many years of experience we are your partner for target-oriented and interdisciplinary development of electronic and software-based products and devices.

The Ingenieurbüro Hilckmann was founded in 2010 by Dipl.-Ing. Marius Hilckmann with a view to deliver technically and economically optimized electronic and software development services. Through many years of project experience he had recognized holistic and interdisciplinary approaches as a key for efficient processes and the basis for innovative products that are successul in the market. In 2019 ING Hilckmann GmbH & Co. KG is founded and takes over tasks.

The Philosophy

Being innovative means to successfully realize useful - even seemingly small - ideas.

Our focus is innovation - a word trivialized through being used as a placeholder for something the speaker couldn't name. Why?

For us, being innovative does not neccessarily mean to have a lot of ideas or to have world-changing thoughts.

We would like to find or create, develop and use also everyday ideas with our most important partner: you. Therefore we are not specialized in one of many approaches with well-known names. We use agile and classical methods, consider our customer's company culture and take project limitations (budgets, deadlines / time-to-market, ...) into account. We like to close gaps, we like to open doors. And we remember: the route is not the destination - It is the product, not the development process, that should get the main focus. Development is just a tool to build products from ideas.

The Work

We like challenges and improve day by day. We are supported by...

Continous Education

Recent Trainings: Innovation management, EMC, CE, Creativity Techniques, Project Management, Functional Safety / IEC 61508, ...

Modern Tools

Altium Designer CAD, HAMEG lab equipment, Citrix Video Conferencing, ...

Reliable Partners

Our network of engineering partners and companies: Product Design, Mechanical Construction, Mechatronics, Optics and specialized Electronics and Software Partners.