Open-Minded. Systematic. Thinking.

Our Consulting Services.
Customer's benefit: Faster Time-to-Market. Lower risk. Higher quality.

Project Management

Using limited resources to reach the goal - it's more than counting hours and raising a pointing finger.

Team Leading and Supervision

We accompany and mentor development teams providing knowledge and methods whenever and wherever needed. We've also experiences in leading teams in a multi-national and/or interdisciplinary environment.

Ideation and Idea Development

Mostly ideation is part of the predevelopment phase, but the systematic development of ideas using creativity techniques can be useful also to solve general problems occuring during development or even market entry.


Requirements Engineering

The requirements engineering not only prevents the development of bad products, it mainly ensures developing the right product. The requirements documentation or specification is used as basis for development contracts as well as for internal validation and verification purposes.

Conceptual design and Feasability Studies

The predevelopment is the foundation for an innovative and successful product. Ideas are evaluated regarding feasability as well as cost effectiveness.

Test Planning and Integration

Tests are used evaluate functional models during predevelopment, to verify and validate requirements / specifications during development, as acceptance tests and for quality reasons during production.


Smart. Embedded. Systems.

Our Engineering Services.
We are specialized in small embedded / smart systems for industrial and consumer applications - for everything else we've got the right partner!

System Design and System Optimization

Following the conceptual design: designing, analyzing, reviewing system architectures and layouts regarding feasability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, safety.

Electronics / Hardware

Circuit Design and Layout, Prototyping, Testing.

Firmware / Embedded Systems

The thing that makes a smart device smart.


Interface and Application Software

If your embedded system is an island - we deliver the ship and ports: connectivity / communication, database and web applications and tools for data logging, user interfacing and configuration / maintenance.

Functional Models and Prototyping

Supporting hardware and software development, predevelopment and test tool development.


Joined. Effective. Working.

Our Workshops.
Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Boosting.


Creativity Techniques can be used for ideation and idea development, but they are also useful when solving problems: Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, 6-3-5, Card Techniques, Morphological boxes, Walt-Disney...


FMEA, FMECA, FMEDA, FTA, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment... according to EN 13849, IEC 60812, ISO 12100, ISO/TR 14121, EN 62061, ...

Your Subject

Our workshops are customer-/project-specific and often part of our consulting or engineering services - have a look at our core competencies and feel free to contact us.